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Recent News!

We are looking for highly motivated, independent, scientists at all levels (undergraduate through post-doctoral) to conduct environmental chamber studies, emissions testing, particle and gas-phase measurements and measure CCN properties at UMD. Students interested in enhancing and gaining a strong hands on skill set in environmental aerosol measurements are encouraged to apply. 

Please send a brief cover page and your resume to asaawuku@umd.edu. 

Undergraduate Students:  Undergraduate Research is based on current availability. In addition to the directions above, please request an appointment to discuss research opportunities.

Graduate Students: In addition to the directions above, please submit applications to the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department at UMD.  We accept Fall (preferred) and Spring applications. Additional information on the application process can be found on the department website (www.chbe.umd.edu

Postdoctoral Students:  Highly motivated postdoctoral students with hands-on experimental training.Previous experience with aerosol instrumentation is a plus.  Independent students with strong leadership and mentorship skills are also desired.